Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who Lives in You?

Quite a few years ago I was a Star Trek fan...I know, I don't really fit the profile, do I?  Actually I really enjoyed following the NEXT GENERATION series.  Some of you might remember a phenomenon in this series of Star Trek called 'trill hosts'.  A trill host was someone who prepared for many years to be joined with another species...they willingly became one being, sacrificing their 'autonomy' for the blessing of becoming one with this other species.  It was considered quite an honor to be accepted as a 'host' for this process.  For those of you who dislike science fiction, this doesn't do much for you...I understand.  It doesn't interest me all that much either, these days.

However, there is a 'joining' process that isn't just fantasy, at least according to God's Word.  Scripture teaches that God wants to live within us...all of us.  It's part of God's revelation to us that is perhaps the most fantastic sounding, but absolutely true.  Jesus promised that God would send the Holy Spirit and that he would guide believers, convict the world of sin and be a 'comforter'.  Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 6:19 that our bodies are 'temples of the Holy Spirit'.  You have to think that God must really want to save humanity.  Think about the lengths to which he has gone to get our attention and bring us into a relationship with him.

First, to send his prophets to preach for hundreds of his people many opportunities to repent.

Second, to send his only Son...and have the very people he wanted to save, ridicule and kill this representative of his.

Third, to send his Spirit to live inside of his that (GET THIS) so that he might, through the sanctifying presence of his Spirit, continue his attempts to save the world.

Don't take the gift lightly. There will not be another Son sent from heaven.  There will not be another Spirit sent from God.  He has already been more patient than we deserve.  He has already been more merciful than we could have expected.  Take the gift and be thankful, letting His presence sanctify you and those He would minister to through you.  Be aware of this truth this week.  God is within you!

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